Group Presentations & Events

We bring fun, lighthearted and solution-oriented tips, tricks and tools that lead to more peace, freedom and security into everyday life for your private group or your large event.

We love participating with in person events all over the United States, and we enjoy online summits, too. While you can find our typical offerings below, we LOVE special requests and tailoring content to meet your needs!

Reach out and let us know when and what you have in mind.

Event Participation

We know how to party!

We can set up a booth, give away freebies and/or maybe even bring some swag. ​Count on us for a feeling of security and potentially lifesaving information to the attendees of your event. We provide demonstrations and will hold a raffle for FREE participation in a unique hands-on training for someone at your event. One or two instructors can have equipment and be available for questions and interactions with your people.

We attend parenting conferences, wellness events, expos for moms, corporate events, even the occasional mom to mom safe - you name it.

Interactive Presentations & Workshops

Help your group or audience be PREPARED to enjoy relief, a sense of security, and peace of mind through pre-planning, preparation and prevention.

​Online or In Person. One Session or a Series.

PREPARED to Prevent, Protect & Defend

Our most popular offering and the foundation for living in prevention that most everyone lacks. ​

Even if you're crazy into everything safety, this is what you didn't know you needed to know about being PREPARED.

Have a progressive plan for keeping safe in everyday life that will minimize the chances of ever needing to physically defend yourself.

Plus, a couple hands on tools just in case.

Other Presentations

Speaking Engagements

Have your audience laugh their way into taking responsibility for improving their circumstances and experiences by having Carrie Conrad share her compelling story on "Recovering from Victimhood: Gaining Control through Personal Power".

Engage listeners with an illuminating talk that encourages a life changing transformation through discovering the "Presence of Our Power" and the "Power of Our Presence".

Want empowerment and life-changing motivation at your event?

Check our availability and invite us to join you.


1. These offerings have the same name as the hands on training. What's the difference?

While the same topic is covered in each offering, focus is put on different areas. Our hands on training puts more focus on physical skills, whereas our interactive presentations and workshops invest the time more on preplanning, prevention and avoidance.

So, while there is some overlap, the hands-on training for Raising Nonviolent Children, for example, glazes over topics that are detailed out and expanded on in the interactive presentation. At the same time, more information, details, examples and exercises are put into identifying causes and contributors as well as preventing tantrums and meltdowns instead of the focus on physical skills in the hands on training.

2. Do you talk on other topics? Like Bullying? Or Trafficking? Grooming?

Absolutely! We definitely do presentations and training on other topics. The majority of our offerings can be taken as a series, and in those we cover more than you ever realize you needed to know to live in prevention against common concerns and popular hot topics.

More than that, we LOVE special requests. Our goal is to make you be and feel safe. We are happy to put something together specifically for you or your group.

Please reach out with special requests.

3. Do you travel?

Yes, we do! We love to travel anywhere in the United States and are happy to bring training to you and/or to join your event.

Put in a request here.

4. Are any of these offered online?

Yes, we can provide any of these presentations online.

PREPARED is offered as an online webinar here.

We also have online courses and content on these same topics but tailored specifically for moms. Check out Mama Bear PREPARED.

Please reach out with requests.

(586) 991-1458