Hands On Self Defense Training

The majority of the training we provide is private training (y'all get more personal, way rowdier and enjoy much more laughter with your friends!). Reach out to set up private training!

However, we have great relationships that like to host this essential and lifesaving information with public offerings. These, too, are by request.

Find upcoming public offerings on our Facebook page. If you don't see the class you want, ask for it to be set up!

Better than Self Defense

For anyone ages 8 to 108 of ANY fitness or skill level.

Whether you've never taken a self-defense class or taken them all, have a black belt, or even if you rock weapons - this will compliment and exponentially improve what you've got going on.

As always, the focus is on prevention, avoidance and de-escalation with tools appropriate to use on literally anyone - even your own mom, if necessary. You don't have to mess up your hair if you don't want to, but either way, when you leave you will be better able to avoid, evade, escape and defend from potentially traumatic experiences. ​

While most people only ever want 2 hours or so of training, we prefer to provide (and recommend) 8 hours of learning (in 2-3 sessions).


"I was amazed at how much I learned even in the first ten minutes of the class. Every sentence the instructor said was something so helpful to me in my everyday life. I'm not exaggerating."

- Nancy B. in Fraser, MI

Our Super, Secret Weapon

This short offering is suggested for driving age and up.

What is it? It's our dirty little secret!

It's not actually dirty or a secret; it's just fun and amazing. Even better, it's completely practical as well as legal. We tell you about it in person because we love watching your eyes light up in excitement at its simplicity and effectiveness.

This empowering training will change the way you carry yourself making it abundantly clear that you've got it going on. Every new driver absolutely needs this.

Train as long as you need to feel ready to take on anything that comes your way (usually 1-1.5 hours).

($129/person - includes your new favorite tool and training in its use)

"My teenager and I both feel so much more comfortable after Carrie's excellent instruction on self defense and our new "super secret weapon". I was so impressed I just signed the whole family up for private instruction!" - Erica C. in Oakland, CA

Raising Nonviolent Children™

This is for parents, caregivers and supporters of children exhibiting unsafe or difficult behaviors.

Be empowered to help children identify their needs and replace unsafe or difficult behaviors with healthy, effective communication. Of course, you'll learn to keep yourself and others safe, but even better, as always, you will learn all that's in your power to prevent outburst, meltdowns, explosions, tantrums and unsafe scenarios.

Be confident in your physical skills keeping yourself and others as well as all children and bystanders safe.

While most feel relieved and qualified with just 2 hours of training, we suggest 8 hours of training (in 2-3 sessions) for older children and/or more extreme cases.


"In just three days of trying simple suggestions it's like I have a new kid. I hoped this was going to address my safety concerns. Instead, the concerns are gone, and I no longer am worried."

- Athena T. in Fort Gratiot, MI

Bodyguard Training for Moms™

This is for moms, grandmothers and caregivers of babies, toddlers and young children.

​Create a strategic process for staying safe and protecting little people! Preparation, prevention, pre-planning and defense all relating to concerns specific to young children.

Have an understanding of where and how you have control of your and your children's safety when out in the world and become confident you can protect all of you.

Have elementary or older children and still want to be a complete badass? We are happy to offer a version of this for you and your mom group. Just ask! (No worries if you have mixed ages, as every class is tailored to the concerns of the participants taking it)

Enjoy 2 to 8 hours of personalized training.


"The information also stuck with me more than I would have guessed...in the last two months I was in 2 separate situations where I used what I learned, identified the potential threat/risky situation, and reacted quickly and more safely than I would have before the training." - Nina H. in West Bloomfield, MI


This training is for kiddos ages 3-8 and tweens & teens.

Watch your kids be introduced to their power, learn effective boundaries and adopt a progressive plan that introduces skills from prevention all the way to appropriate defense.

While we prefer sharing this message through reading lighthearted, solution-oriented kids' books along with related demonstrations and activities, for more mature children this can also be provided with a Power Point more like many of our other offerings.

Though recommended as a series, this can also be taken as a one-time class.


"I looked away for a second and heard my child yell. Just a couple days after our training, my child had an opportunity to showcase their new skills. AND IT WORKED! This creepy looking guy backed away and bolted. - Janine L. in Ferndale, MI

Ready to be confident and comfortable?

Join us in applying simple, feel good solutions to make life simply safer.

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