Do you still experience worry, doubt or anxiety despite all you invest in making safety a priority?

Enjoy relief in the secrets to a deep sense of security and unwavering confidence.

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Be Introduced to Your Power

Beating Disaster began from a passion for empowering women and children through teaching karate but has pursued and evolved over the years out of a feeling of moral obligation (no exaggeration!).

The self-defense industry is an unregulated industry, and it shows! The instructors at Beating Disaster persist harder and stronger with every training we take to improve our own skills (and we train with other providers often) as the need for what we offer (and how we offer it) is still blatantly apparent.

We fill in the gaps with respectful, trauma informed, and legitimately realistic and appropriate training as it all relates specifically for the actual safety, security, needs, concerns and causes of trauma for women and children.

Training in Prevention, Protection & Defense

for Women, Children & Families

While we ensure you are prepared for the concerns you fear from the headlines, more importantly you are empowered to prevent the more common and unreported causes of harm and trauma.

Be PREPARED with a plan that protects you from...

✔️ Harm at the Hands of People We Know, Even Love

✔️ Trauma Caused by Authority Figures

✔️ Having to Choose between Needs & Safety

Take your safety into your own hands by working towards becoming a person that others don't mess with.

Our Goal is to Help You...

💥 Radiate Security

💥 Feel Safe to Be the Woman You Were Meant to Be

💥 Be Secure Enough to Take Risks & Live Life

We do this by empowering you with a lifestyle in prevention that allows you to come to believe in yourself and your capabilities.

Services & Offerings

PREPARED to Prevent, Protect & Defend

The Foundation Every Woman Needs

Our most popular offering is now here as an online minicourse and is the foundation for living in prevention with what most everyone lacks. ​Even if you're crazy into everything safety, this has what you didn't know you needed to know about being PREPARED.


Become Confident in Your Skills

Every person is absolutely capable of defending themselves - with the right mindset and tool set. No matter your age, body type, limitations, or unique needs you deserve to see and know you are able to protect yourself should the need arise.


Find Freedom by Living in Prevention

We bring clarity and security to every event we attend. From a simple demonstration all the way to taking the stage as your keynote speaker, Beating Disaster brings a safe and focused presence with a message of empowerment & responsibility.


Become a Better PREPARED Mom

All the things you've always wanted to know plus so many more that you never knew you needed to know. Create an unshakeable foundation for keeping kids safe by becoming a better prepared mom.

Live Life Without Worry

by becoming better PREPARED.

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